Sarah Anne Dordel is a talented speaker, promoter, and conscious business consultant who provides huge visibility and rapid transformation for conscious entrepreneurs and businesses.

She brings over 20 years of experience building successful businesses in a wide variety of industries including event-planning, education, solar, hair & fashion, fitness, music, non-profit, legal consulting, real estate, wellness & medical aesthetics. She prides herself on being a Big Dream Ambassador, a passionate problem-solver, and an expert in growing businesses organically & cost-effectively through intuitive branding, strategic relationships, elite client care, & exceptional daily operations.

Her trademark branding strategy, which she refers to as “Soul-Branding“, empowers her clients to clearly convey what they offer to the world that no one else on the planet does, thereby creating an unstoppable brand and eliminating the need to engage in competition.  Sarah Anne’s passion is to help her clients discover & embrace their unique gifts & one-of-a-kind services, and then create maximum awareness and visibility through her promotional services, relationship strategies, and ambassador programs.  Her signature method combines intuitive coaching and branding services plus optimization of daily operations & systems, along with organic yet powerful marketing strategies that deliver to her clients more ideal customers, more money, and less daily stress.  And, in order to provide solutions to all of the pain points that she experienced as a new entrepreneur, Sarah Anne founded the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce, a national entity dedicated to empower Good people doing Good things in business.  Read more of Sarah Anne’s story and her experience in building exceptional businesses below.

Sarah Anne’s consulting services include:

     * Organic, high-yield marketing & social media services

     * Powerful key messaging & strategic brand positioning

     * Revenue-generating events, including expert production & promotion

     * “Dream-Team” sales training & savvy recruiting

     * Optimization of daily operations and administrative processes

     * Passionate problem-solving to reduce costs & stress

     * Customized retreats & workshops for professionals and/or clients

     * Intuitive coaching to discover and leverage one’s soul gifts

     * Instant community through the CONSCIOUS BUSINESS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE


Review Resume | ​​​Merge Magazine

Member Spotlight:  Solana Beach Chamber | SpeakerVenture Success Panel – July 2016

Sarah Anne is the Founder of the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce and
is the creator of the speaker series “Storytellers of Conscious Business”.

Sarah Anne is also a clean energy advocate and a Partner with Powur, a company aligned with SolarCity
that aims to put free solar on as many homes as possible and pays the people for their referrals.


Sarah Anne began her career in New York City and later San Francisco before finding her surfing nirvana in the beautiful coastline of north county San Diego.  Born and raised in Wisconsin, Sarah Anne earned her Bachelor of Science with honors from UW-Madison with a major in Spanish Education.  After graduation, Sarah Anne used her bilingual skills to live and teach abroad in Chile, Brazil, and Spain.  Her marketing savvy was then enhanced through experience in the corporate arena as launch team member and photography studio manager of online fashion retailer, Switching to the non-profit sector, Sarah Anne continued to foster her entrepreneurial spirit by directing and doubling the size of a large-scale adult literacy program for Dominican immigrants in Washington Heights, NYC.  Afterwards, she ventured into the legal industry, leading administrative operations and opening offices in Washington DC and New York City for a prestigious consulting firm for lawyers and legal corporate departments.  Most recently before moving into entrepreneurship, Sarah Anne spent nearly a decade working with aesthetic physicians to start-up and develop highly successful private practices.In 2014, Sarah Anne opened her own conscious consulting company after observing first-hand the harmful effects of hostile work environments.  Her experience in these environments allowed her to know the devastating effects of unkindness in the workplace and to understand how this unconscious behavior amongst colleagues ultimately defeats long-term prosperity for any company. These insights ignited her passion to advocate for entrepreneurial leaders who are truly ethical and heart-centered in the world of work.  Subsequently, Sarah Anne was also awakened to her suppressed intuitive gifts, which she uses to greatly enhance the process she uses to turn her clients’ Big Dreams into a reality.  She now enjoys working with the positive hearts and minds of the conscious business community of Southern California and is truly living the dream.Sarah Anne’s unique soul skill, her “Signature Soul Gift”,  is her ability to quickly identify the incomparable and untold talents of people, which allows her to execute a business makeover for her clients in less than 90 days through powerful branding and key messaging. Sarah Anne is also a gifted administrator who can implement the most efficient daily operations for a business and execute systems that reduce costs and stress for the owner. Sarah Anne also builds effective brand awareness through strategic events, conscious community, effective sales training, creative marketing, and smart hiring.  She is happy to provide a complimentary 30 minute call for any conscious-minded business owner who would like to discuss how his/her business can be more profitable and visible. Click here to learn more about Sarah Anne’s consulting services. Please reach out to schedule connection time with Sarah Anne via email: