“Fill Your Events & Make Money NOW Using Meetup.com”


The Ultimate, Fast-Track Training for Savvy Entrepreneurs who Host Events


1-Day, LIVE Online Workshop (ON ZOOM)





(Limited quantity.  Sale ends at midnight on Friday, Febuary 10th)



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WHEN:  Saturday, February 3rd, 10am – 4pm (SOLD OUT)

                                                                       Saturday, March 3rd:  10am – 4pm


Stop procrastinating, this 1-day class is all you need!

Is this training perfect for you?  Let me ask you a few questions…


*   Have you ever tried to organize or host an event in order to network and grow your business, only to find that you spent a lot of money and/or energy, and didn’t get much in return?

*   Are you a public speaker or professional trainer who loves to host live events, but you wish that filling the seats was easier?  Would you benefit by having a training system for you or for your event support team?

*   Are you someone who is being called into leadership, and you know that you are meant to teach via a large-scale audience rather than JUST one-on-one?

*   Would you like to use public speaking to generate clients, or do you aim to launch products, hold trainings, and build your brand awareness & influence through live AND online events, such as webinars and trainings?

*   Are you currently utilizing strategic business events and just want to know all of the best practices (“tricks”) that will fill your events, reduce your event-planning workload and stress, and ultimately bring in better clients and more revenue?

*  Are you ready to GET SH*T DONE and make it rain in 2018?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then grab your spot now and GET EXCITED!

You don’t need a big advertising budget or celebrity endorsements to do this….

This master workshop will empower you, IN JUST ONE DAY,  with the tips and tricks that I have used over the past decade to create lucrative events.

AND, I’ll let you know what DOESN’T work!  I’m happy to save you tons of time AND money!

What topics will you master through this fast-track course?


*GROUP CHALLENGE!  Host your first live or online event, and MAKE MONEY, within 30 days of course!

*Building your list and your loyal relationships through Meetup.com

*Creating an effective event page or website

*Submitting your event to media and getting press

*Perfect event posting on Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook, LinkedIn & more!

*Optimizing SEO via your event through press releases, blogging, and more

*Minimizing event production stress & costs, and maximizing revenue

*Masterful marketing of your event through email & social media

*Harnessing the power of video for promoting your event

*Streamlining processes through cool apps & event marketing software

*Building an ambassador team that sells for you!

*Empowering your event revenue potential by being a leader & influencer on Meetup.com

30% referral gift, or, refer two friends, and your master training is FREE!


No refunds on PRE-SALE pricing please.  If you need to cancel or re-schedule, your payment may be used as a credit for future services.

(Limited Space.  Sale ends at midnight on Friday, Febuary 10th)