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FREE $2000 Event Gift from new Global Leader for the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce

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Dear Conscious Business Family,

I am GRATEFUL for our newest global leader for the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce, Michelle Humphrey, master business coach.  Michelle’s upcoming 3 day event is valued at $2000, but she is gifting 10 free tickets to the first RSVPs who respond before midnight.


CODE: enter code 398OFF during checkout to reserve your seat.

I would not miss this event for the world.  Watch my interview with Michelle to learn why.

**  Please note:  This code reduces the price to only a $99 seat deposit, but you’ll still receive a $100 bill at the event for showing up. So not only will the event be free for you, but you will actually earn a free $1.  🙂


Message from Michelle:

“For the last three years, one of my favorite traditions has become hosting a Thanksgiving Day Gratitude call. The reason my Gratitude Call is so important is that far too many of us get caught up in cooking the holiday meal and getting the table set. We are so busy throughout the day that we don’t end up connecting with the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

It’s been magical to gather with the special people in my community each year, hosting a Thanksgiving morning call to fill you with gratitude and help you start your day with a build up of grateful energies.

Through the years the feedback on my call has been:

  • “Your call was the reason I enjoyed my Thanksgiving as much as I did.”
  • “Your call got me in the right mindset.”
  • “Your call helped me have the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had! This was the first year I 
    wasn’t preoccupied with getting everything on the table and serving the food.”
  • “Your call got me really connected to the meaning of the day.”

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate. So, if you want to start your day filling up with the love, joy, peace, and gratitude that this day is really about, then join me!

Thanksgiving Gratitude Call

Time: Thursday, November 23rd
8:00 AM Pacific (9:00am Mountain, 10:00am Central, 11:00am Eastern)
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

To attend, visit:

Phone Number: (425) 440-5010
Secondary Number: (929) 223-3001
Pin Code: 030195#
Local Numbers:

There’s no login and you don’t have to sign up. Come early because we may max out the line.

In gratitude, Sarah Anne



CODE: enter code 398OFF during checkout to reserve your seat.

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