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About the Firing of Matt Lauer

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The news of the day has caused quite an opportunity.

To provide a little background:

I am currently in the process of documenting my own story of healing…. healing from the tremendous heartache that occurs after one discovers betrayal on the part of their romantic partner.  The process of my healing has caused me to learn and grow a lot, and most importantly, to love even harder.

My personal healing, I feel, represents a collective healing that is being forced upon every human on this planet right now.  Knowing what I have gone through in my own journey, I can say that this collective healing will not be easy, but it is inevitable.

Many Americans were shocked this morning (or not so shocked) to learn that Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News after an employee filed a complaint about “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace”.  

Matt is the latest of many high-profile men to be brought down by accusations of sexual misconduct, at a time when our country is being led by a man who seems unaware of his own inability to honor the divine feminine (nor the divine masculine, for that matter).

Yet many who publicly shame him engage in the same, if not worse, private behavior towards women.

There are many questions that will be asked as a result of Matt Lauer’s termination, and many of the questions will be ugly and cause much hurt.  

I believe that this time is a gift, and I would invite all humans to consider this moment in time as such. 

Our questions do not have to cause hurt.  They can heal, if we choose to heal through these moments in time.

I recently gave a talk about my spiritual awakening, and I shared about how I talk to angels, and about how the angelic world has a unique perspective on these moments in time, these shameful & painful moments in time. 

These shameful & painful moments in time are what my spirit guides refer to as, believe it or not,  “epic f*ck-up” moments.  

Keep in mind that I hear their words through the filter that is the consciousness of Sarah Anne Dordel.  🙂

Matt Lauer has certainly just been caught in quite the epic f*ck-up moment.  

It will be interesting to observe how people react to Matt’s epic f*ck-up over the next few weeks.  

I have to say that I was quite impressed with how the news was broken on-air.  It was actually two women who broke the news….  Matt Lauer’s co-anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.  And they were not angry.

They were “heartbroken”.  They clearly fought back tears as they described their sadness; sadness over the loss of Matt as a colleague FIRST, followed by shared sadness for the whistle-blowing woman who came forward.  I imagine that they are also very sad for the person who must be most devastated today – Matt Lauer’s wife.

My heart broke too as I watched these women share the news.  I am certain that every human can relate to someone in this story…. Perhaps you can relate to the woman who came forward (I can), or Matt’s wife (I absolutely can), or perhaps you can relate to Matt’s painful predicament today (yes, I also can).

While watching this scene on television this morning, I suddenly heard the words of my angels.  

Their words managed to warm my heart.. as their words always do.  

They have been witness to all of my “epic f*ck-ups” in life.  Since being able to hear them, I can say that they always have come to me during my most shameful moments, and in their most humorous and loving way, they always say the same thing.  

This morning, they happened to come to me to share the message that they always share with me during my most shameful moments, but this time,  their message was about Matt Lauer.

“WOW,” they said.

“What an epic f*ck up.”

Yes, angels swear.  At least mine do.

“But, what an opportunity!  We can’t wait to see what he does with this opportunity!”

This is how the angel world speaks.  Never harshly…. just like how you would expect God to speak.  Or perhaps Jesus might be a better reference here (minus the colorful language).  Because, regardless of what we have been taught to believe about God, when it comes to angel talk, there is never any judgment.

And they are funny.  When they come to me and deliver messages like this, I always have the same comical image of them.

I see them gathered around a television set, glued to the news, eating popcorn, and watching the greatest show in all of the universe, as they cheer on humanity, hoping that we humans make the ultimate comeback, and learn to love one another again.

As I was musing on this image, they suddenly decided to say something more, something unexpected:

“We can’t wait to see what YOU do with this opportunity!”

Gulp.  I was definitely not expecting that.

So, it seems that I have been presented with an opportunity, which of course is a collective opportunity. I believe we are all being invited at this moment in time, during this very unique moment in time, to channel our inner-angel when we react to these public scandals.  For there will be many more.

And more importantly, I believe that we are being invited to channel our inner-angel during the private scandals of our lives, for there will be many coming up during these times, to be healed.  This is not an easy thing to do… I know all too well.  

Because in the last year, when I experienced heartbreaking betrayal, I certainly wanted revenge.  I certainly wanted to shame this person.  I even wanted to physically harm this person at times, which is something that I have never felt before in all of my life.  I am not proud of this.

Why did I feel this way?  I think because the betrayal was private.  It was not made public.  It remains hidden.  This makes it difficult to heal.  But it has to be healed.

So today,  when I look back on that heartbreak and the person who hurt me,  I can’t help but think to myself:


“What an epic f*ck up.”

“But, what an opportunity!  I can’t wait to see what comes as a result of this opportunity.”

Let’s do our best to cheer each other on, and not break each other down.  We are all in this together.


Love, Sarah Anne

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