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Betrayal by the “Conscious Man” Imposter

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There are many imposter men in the conscious business community.

“Try as he might, his trumped up shine will dull too quickly, like coins of counterfeit held in his trouser pockets.”

These imposter men often show us the tools that we can use for our greatest awakening & evolution.

2018 is the year of the great awakening.

For the awakening spiritual empath, the path to self-love will often be learned through three main core wounds, often presented in a trinity cycle.

These wounds are betrayal, followed by abandonment, followed by ridicule, and then continuing in a cycle, until we finally say:

My own personal dignity takes precedence over any and all relationships with others, AND, I will no longer be silent about this.

During the path of AWAKENING IN BUSINESS, we learn to utilize our “tragic tools” (pun intended) in order to heal core wounds so that the pain from our past becomes our greatest inspiration.

We create like magic when we pick up our tools and grasp them with the knowing that we are creating from Truth.

The path is painful, but pain is the trusted tour guide who leads the way on this path.

When we walk the path of AWAKENING IN BUSINESS, we eventually step forward as a passionate leader & compassionate teacher.

But the path of awakening is not for the faint of heart, for many characters will come into the awakening one’s life to pour salt on her wounds, tear them open wider, and laugh in her face.

Until one day, she finally screams, “NO MORE”.

On April 9th, 2017, I finally said “no more” to one of the greatest character actors I have met in my life.  The role that this actor was playing at this time was that of my devoted boyfriend, and I will forever be grateful for this man, because he played the role so well.

Let’s call this character Aidan.

Apparently, he was a “conscious businessman”.

He was also a very busy actor.  For in actuality, this devoted boyfriend of mine was a conscious businessman imposter.  He still is.

And to be more accurate, by last April 9th Aidan was officially my ex-boyfriend, for I had ended the relationship two weeks earlier.  

I could no longer silence the voice inside of me, telling me that I knew THE TRUTH.  It had been with me all of my life, and now it was a scream.

During this period I was living 3 weeks of the month in Wisconsin to be with family, and I would return to San Diego to be with Aidan during the first week of each month.  

On this particular April weekend, I was supposed to be with enjoying a retreat with my love at the Sat Nam Festival in Joshua Tree.  Breaking off my April trip to San Diego and this much anticipated retreat with him was dreadfully sad and very messy, but knowing what I had to do, I cancelled my flights and found someone to take my festival ticket.

Aidan fought me on the breakup tooth & nail.  His narcissistic narrative was unbearable, as usual, but my devastation was only beginning.

As it turns out, his narcissistic narrative turned out to be a gift.  It fueled me to finally heal the wound of blind betrayal that had tortured me for most of my adult life.

I started to look into places of his life that I dared not before, for I had always given too much benefit of the doubt, and with Aidan, I can at least say that I subconsciously knew not to get in too deep with him.

What I found when I looked into Aidan’s covert life was, unbelievable.  

So many women.  

So many lies.  

It seemed that the home where I kept my things was visited by many unsuspecting women.  

And he too visited the homes of these other women….   playing the role of devoted partner, playing games with the children of the other women, and playing tricks in all of our beds.  

We each believed that we were adored by this man, exclusively.  

Yet we were all, simply, the “other women”.


But at least we had the truth.  And we had the comfort of one another.

For we, the women who knew the truth, bonded together.  And we would confront him together on April 9th, 2017.

Unfortunately, there were women who would not find out the truth.  This would be a decision made after hearing Aidan cry and say,

“Please, my career is all I have now.”

And vengeance is not my game.

There was more.  I had discovered that one of the “other women” was someone that I knew.  

Let’s call her Amy.

I had met Amy through an event that I organized for the conscious business community in San Diego, the same event that I had met Aidan at.

I chose not to immediately reach out to Amy about the truth.  I assumed Aidan would do the right thing, and not engage with her further..

I have learned to stop wrongfully assuming that other people’s ethical standards are the same as mine.

The evening of Sunday, April 9th arrived and we, the other women, confronted Aidan.

That evening he was returning to San Diego, alone, from the Sat Nam retreat that I was supposed to be accompanying him on, the one that we had planned together and had looked so forward to.

He was obviously lonely that evening, for I had just broken up with him and cancelled my trip, and he texted and left me multiple voicemails declarying his undying love.

But I was not the only woman receiving these messages of adoration on this particular Sunday night.

We, the other women, responded with our collective evidence, and it was so damning that my heart actually hurt for him.

But it hurt me more to witness Aidan as he crawled to each of our doors and begged for mercy, pleading devoted love to the woman before him, and saying that the other women meant nothing to him.

Even saying that the other women were crazy.

What he didn’t know was that we, the other women, were listening to his betrayal.


And he was desperate to have all of us back.

But there was more.

In early May of 2017, I returned to San Diego to move my things out of his apartment.  He had promised to put everything in storage for me, but my inconvenience was worth nothing compared to his selfish desire to see me in person and get a chance at what he so desperately needed.

I agreed to meet him at his Encinitas apartment and I let him know that I had hired a rental truck and two helpers.

What he did not know was that one of my helpers would be one of the “other women”.  She was a new and very unexpected friend.

Let’s call her Emma.

My other helper was Emma’s big male friend who had helped to keep Aidan off of her property before.  He has a history of being persistent.

As an empath, I felt every emotion that ran through Aidan when he opened his front door and saw the three of us, together on his doorstep.

He was carrying down one of my two surfboards, the same surfboard that he claimed was his the last time that Emma had visited.  

Apparently, he had just taking up surfing.

And juicing.

And slow-cooking.

The lawn was strewn with his lies.  And he was staring them in the face.

Aidan was at a crossroads on the path of his awakening.  He would have to choose to go one of two ways.  

I also found myself at the same crossroad. 

Which road would I choose to wander down for the rest of 2017?







To be continued…


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