Can You Do Me a Favor?

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Homeowners can help me earn a lot of extra money over the next couple of days.  You can also help to educate yourself, possibly help the planet, and help small business owners like me make a BIG impact!  Watch this video, then check out the testimonial from my client below!

Testimonial from Powur client:

“I’m an Encinitas, CA homeowner and have researched and met with 5 different solar companies over the past 3 years. The story was always the same. Promise of a great price and deliverables, only to be told I’d have less power and more cost. Sometimes double the original estimate. I was pretty much convinced that the whole solar thing was a racket. About 3 months ago, Sarah Anne Dordel stopped by the Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce office where I work to chat (as she often does). We started talking about a new venture in solar she was developing. I told her my story and told her how much I love her and there was NO WAY I wanted anything to do with ‘another’ solar company. Being Sarah, the mindful awesome person that she is, she just let me rant and politely asked me to just let her take a look. Since I’m a big fan of Sarah, I agreed. Long story short, my panels were installed 5 weeks ago by a team of professionals for whom I could find no fault (and I can find fault in everything). My first SDG&E bill was almost entirely covered and I paid just a few bucks over my lease agreement price which is just under $100 bucks! In the summer, I average over $350 per month and winter is around $200. I have cut my bill in half for the winter and am projected to cut it by 2/3 in the summer. In addition, the technology and monitoring they offer is amazing, plus more. If you’re interested in knowing more, just call me and I will be happy to tell you how the person who hated solar is now a Solar City customer. Mac Williamson 760-917-8977”

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