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Empowerment through Heartbreak: a personal message & video recommendation

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I love the message in my latest video recommendation.   If you consider yourself a heartbroken lightworker, healer, empath, or disempowered HSP, my personal message in this post is for you.

I spent my whole adult life trying to find love & acceptance, but mainly found hurt and disappointment.  My vicious cycles culminated at the beginning of this year and were finally healed.  Over and over, I struggled with addictions, abandonment from friends and trusted colleagues, and my greatest heartache, narcissistic men who claimed to honor me and promised monogamy but broke sacred vows, leaving behind not only my reality in shambles, but also the broken hearts of other women who were betrayed concurrently, as well as the children of these women.  And of course, when I spoke my truth, I was criminalized, which only caused me to bring forward the questions even more intensely…

“Why am I not good enough?” Why am I not worth love and respect? Why am I so easily abandoned? Why am I always betrayed? How can people who claim to care about me be so cruel?”

As someone who has broken my own vicious cycle, I can say that the cycle will end when you allow yourself to feel everything that you have the absolute right to feel.  Feelings are The Messengers, and there is no wrong feeling.  Embrace every dark feeling and every dark aspect of yourself, and love it.  Find out what your dark feelings want to teach you.  Do not fear your own darkness, because your own darkness seeks your light too, so love all of it.

And when you do, nothing short of miracles will happen.  Your health will be healed, your physical body will undergo dramatic changes, all good in the end.  You will reconnect and strengthen bonds with family, and addictions will just fall away.  Your life will become filled with beautiful men & women who honor you.

But, your light will make some people angry.  There will be envy and greed everywhere around you.  This is a good sign, because you are creating at lightning speed, and many will be affected by your light.  Because where there is light, a shadow must be cast.  That is the true work of the lightworker, to make peace with this.

When people attack you, or get angry with you, or stop loving you, it won’t matter.  Your former devastation will be replaced by inspiration. Because, finally, you love yourself so much, that you just don’t fucking care what other people think about you.

Much love and may you reap your harvest on this autumn equinox!

via Sarah Anne Dordel – Conscious Business Consulting

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