Good People Republic

I am honored to have been recently selected to be featured by GOOD PEOPLE REPUBLIC.  The founder of this wonderful movement, Debora Frazao, shares her mission:  

“There are so many good people making a difference somehow, and contributing to change the world. From small details in their daily life to huge structural projects, they are doing something different that is contributing to a better future for humanity.
Those people are everywhere. They are not always under the spotlight of the mainstream media, but are illustrious strangers leading us out of darkness with so much light.

My goal in this project is to show who those people are. To photograph them, capture them in their element following their passion, their life purpose. I want to identify those people, tell a little bit about their work and how exactly they are being “light-workers”, and gather them all in one place so we can realize how numerous they are. So we can tell other people doing the same, they are not alone. Maybe we can make a connection between them so the light they shine becomes even brighter.

I truly believe small actions can change the world…I just want to show those small action are real! That they exist and can inspire you to become one of them! I want to use my photography as a tool to join those people with a larger purpose.”

Thank you Debora & GOOD PEOPLE REPUBLIC for seeing me and for helping to share my passion with the world.

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