In the not-so-distant past, I received the following question from one of my mentors, Sean Stewart.  His message read:

Hi Sarah Anne,

Wanna know how I sold someone into a $100,000 program?

Well, that got my attention.  And then he told me how he did it.

And then he asked another question, one which I had never thought of, yet.

What if you had a $50,000 offer?

I’m not asking you to sell it (yet).  I’m asking you to imagine having one.

What does that even feel like for you?





I must admit, at first it felt very greedy.  But, then I started imagining all of the things that I could put together in my offer.  I started to think about of all of the tools, resources, wisdom and support that I would have paid $50,000 for, if someone just like me had showed up to support the former version of me.  And then, his question felt exciting, and then it felt very, very expansive!

I’m currently creating my $50k package, and once I started dreaming about it, I experienced nothing but breakthroughs.

Like Sean explained:

High ticket packages at that level are not an everyday thing for me in my business but when they happen, it’s very significant because in one hour I can make more money than months and months of work to sell a low ticket item.

I know what it’s like to hustle to get people into a group program or product launch.  It’s really fun to be leveraged and be able to serve people in a 1 to 1 model.

But If you don’t have the experience of landing a big ticket client, you don’t know how much easier your business could be.

And of course:

Whatever your response – I know this:  having a 50K package will not make your life worse.

So… let’s dream and have massive breakthroughs together!

THIS EVENING, Sean is hosting a LIVE virtual training with my colleague Dallas Michael Cyr called

How to Create and Sell a 50K Coaching Package And Work with ‘Raving Fan’ Clients You Love

And in this training they will show you how to create a package so powerfully valuable that you’ll never look at offers the same again.


We’ll also talk about:

  • How to STEP INTO the mindset of getting a 50K client (once you step in, you can’t undo it:)
  • How to Design a 50K package that not only sizzles and sparkles but feels like a “no brainer YES” for the right-fit client
  • How to pre-qualify and indoctrinate your prospects before your sales call so they are already considering your offer before you even talk!
  • Where to find raving fan clients who want your high ticket offers no matter what niche you serve

… and much more



This event is about giving yourself the gift of owning your worth, your abundance, your power and your potential at a level you may have only touched on before.

Go here now


Don’t miss it, there will be only 1 of these.  I’m excited to be on this journey with everyone else on the call.


Lots of love!

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