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Indicos & Indie Empaths:  Who We Are & How We Heal

Indicos are ultra-sensitive intuitives who may be naive to their intuitive gifts & sensitivities.  This unknowingness often leads Indicos to addiction & self-medication, but once aware & empowered, Indicos heal and then heal others are an unstoppable force of nature in business.

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Indicos are unique & ultra-sensitive empaths who are also very driven, self-motivated, &  passionate about creating positive change in the world.  They are also renegade spirits who are self-motivated incredibly resilient but they also happen to be a hyper-sensitive, ultra- intuitive empaths.  

Indicos are a walking paradox …. they spend most of their lives naive to their intuitive gifts and sensitivities, because they are so self-reliant & independent, hence the term Indico, and there is much more to this word which I will be explaining.

The Indico’s lack of awareness about their intuitive gifts & sensitivities makes them very prone to addiction, depression, anxiety and self-medication.  

Indicos also suffer in their careers because they over-give, plus they are a magnet for their polar opposite, the imposter empath or covert narcissist.

This is a very important teaching in the holistic business spiritual business & conscious business community

BECAUSE, if you are a heart-centered professional, you and your business may be a magnet for individuals who will drain your energy, and even try to ruin your reputation, if you are not aware of the warning signs and how to protect yourself.

Stay tuned for upcoming empowerment videos for Indicos!


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