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Kundalini, silver solstice, twin flames, and the coming gifts of gold

By December 21, 2017 One Comment

On this day of winter solstice I begin to share the gift of good news.  This is a time of “joy to the world” for many of us who have known, somewhere inside, that this time would come.  a 

We all have been moving through our silent work and waiting for this time, and this very day.

Some of us have been quietly supporting in the wings for many years, while some of us don’t even know that we are on the path, yet.  Many of of us are newer to the path and have chosen the fast & furious lane to get here, to this very day, when the joy would begin.

I relate to the latter route, as it has always been my way.  

In July of 2014, on my 39th birthday, I experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening.  It came out of nowhere, or so it seemed.  I had not been seeking it.  The number of this birthday was signficant.  It was also a birthday of our country, also signficant.

And with this awakening came many more awakenings, including the awareness of the awakened kundalini inside me.

Kundalini is very misunderstood.  I am here to set the story anything but straight, as these words will help others like me.  

For kundalini is awakening in everyone.


Kundalini is many things.  It is heaven and hell all in one.  

It brings… the death of one’s former self, if you will.  I have known many little deaths since my 39th birthday.  

On a very special day, not so long ago, I was put to death for the final time.  I was crucified, died and was buried.  

All symbolism of course, or was it?

Kundalini also brings crucifixion.  This is not spoken about much, for both topics, it seems, are misunderstood.

Kundalini brings the gift of resurrection, of rebirth, of silver and gold.

My rebirth is shared by many, for divine gifts are offered to all.  Our collective gift today is the gift of silver.  

This is a gift from the goddess, from the divine mother, from the sacred wife, and from the holy spirit, no longer a ghost.

Women, feel the forgiveness run through you, for the divine masculine, the holy father, has come forward to ask for forgiveness for betraying the divine feminine, and for seeking to hide the truth about the divine mother, and the richness of her legacy.

Men, go to the space of your hearts and seek and pardon and absolution for all that man has done to betray the divine mother.  

Take inventory of every betrayal, every abandonment, and every abuse, for in the near-future years to come, you will be asked to teach your healing experience to the young girls who are your daughters.


To all who read, let the gift of silver light run through your energetic centers of left, where the holy mother is seated again, to heal the hearts of all men and the breasts of all women.  

Let the queen receive her king, who is the gift of gold.  

Let earth receive her king as well.

Our gift is coming…

There is much more to this story.

There is more good news.


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Love, Sarah Anne

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