Kundalini Healing

INTRODUCTION TO MY MEMOIR: Kundalini Hell, I Mean Healing


I made a promise not so long ago.  

I promised that if somehow, by some miracle, I made it through this hell, then I would help others like me. 

I promised that I would share my story.  

No matter what.

This is a promise that many of us have made.

Here’s to all of you who will soon remember your promises.



March 2015

I arrive for the appointment with my Teacher.

I have no idea who I am or how I got here.

I have always been able to count on ME.  

That is the only truth I have known.

Now, I feel like a stranger to myself.  I have no idea who I am looking at in the mirror.

I feel like a familiar stranger.  

That doesn’t even make sense.


Teacher:  “So, how are you Sarah?”

Me:  “I’m starting to understand.  But I don’t understand anything.”

Teacher:  “What do you mean?”

Me:  “I have been researching the symbols that I see floating in my aura.  You were right about the crop circles.”

Teacher:  “What more are you understanding?”

Me:  The symbols… they all lead back to Kundalini.”

Teacher:  “Yes.”

There is a pause in our dialogue.  The pause feels more natural than anything I have ever known.

With a start, I remember where I am, and so I speak.

Me:  “What is happening to my body?”

Teacher:   “The same thing that is happening to the Earth.”

There is another pause in our dialogue.  A pause that would seem to last forever….


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