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My 2017 Transformation, & the Coach Who Helped Me

By December 18, 2017 No Comments

This Year has been incredible in so many ways. The growth I’ve experienced has been massive. I’m simply not the same person I was, even 6 months ago.

Some of the beautiful things that have happened include:

  • I created the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce and several new podcasts
  • I published the first episode, today, of podcast “Redefining the Good Business Man
  • I experienced extraordinary spiritual healing and am stepping out to teach
  • I hosted multiple live events, & supported many leaders and visionaries to share their messages in a bigger way
  • I designed a new coaching program and got clear on my mission at a whole new level… and that’s just the tip…

How did this happen? Well it’s a combination of a lot of things (internally and externally), but one thing I can’t leave out when I think of the growth I’ve made is the work that I’ve done with transformational business coach, Sean Stewart.

I don’t know if you know Sean, but Sean’s main focus is helping his clients increase their sales conversions, but he’s also a master at transformational coaching.

I attended one of Sean’s workshops this past fall and his insights that day caused me to have massive breakthroughs that have forever changed me at the core.  That experience led to me joining Sean in his coaching program… which has really helped me to ‘turn the volume up’ as a messenger and in all I stand for in my work.

And it was because of my experience with Sean that I asked him how he could share his work with some of the people in my community.

After we brainstormed some ways… we both decided the best thing we could do was offer a handful of people a 1 on 1 ‘breakthrough any block’ session with Sean.

Normally, Sean would charge $597 for a session like this.   This a real deal break-through session (not the ones people pretend are breakthrough sessions but are really just sales calls).

Knowing that price point might not make it easy for people, I asked Sean if she’d be willing to do the session with people for $97.

And he said yes, sort of…

We made a deal. Sean made a limited number of spots available to support my community. And he can’t justify spending all of his time doing $97 sessions, but if you contact him right away, he can let you know if he’s got a spot for you.


Again, this is not a 15 minute intro session – this is a 75 min, “Deep dive and remove a block” session.

The session is fully guaranteed – if you don’t feel like it was worth way more than the $97 you spent, he’ll refund you immediately.


Here’s how to have your ‘break through any block’ session so you can make 2018 your best year ever:


1. Simply click this link, fill out the questions and book your session – if the link no longer works, then that means that his calendar is full:

2. Sean will then contact you at your email address and confirm your session.

That’s it! An easy decision with no risk that can remove your biggest blocks toward bigger success.


Just click this link and let Sean remove your blocks so that you can have your best year in business too!


Lots of love,  Sarah Anne


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