“It was such a transformative experience being the keynote speaker for a Conscious Business Chamber San Diego event!  I am so appreciative of Sarah Anne for giving me the opportunity; it gave me a platform to powerfully connect and network with dozens of high vibration local business owners, which has resulted in many other professional opportunities and efficiently helped me grow my coaching and speaking practice.  I highly recommend speaking at the Conscious Business Chamber events to anyone looking to share their message with a beautiful community of ascendant entrepreneurs.”  

– Mat Shaffer, Conscious Wealth Coach & Speaker




“I can’t speak enough to the hard work, dedication, and integrity that Sarah Anne Dordel pours into her speaking events and networking events in general.

 As the result of an event I attended a few months ago with her, my life shifted directions at such a fundamental level that I now have a different experience of what it means to be alive.  I am not exaggerating.  ATTEND HER EVENTS! ”   

– Dave Kenhast, Professional Life and Business Coach




“Sarah Anne convinced me to join the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce a little over a month ago and the results of been nothing short of astounding.

I was incredibly skeptical, as I usually am of promises to “grow my business” and I said to myself ‘oh brother, here’s another group to join. What is this really going to do for me?  How will the CBCC succeed where the several other chambers I’m a part of have not?’

But, by speaking at two CBCC events in just a few short weeks, I’ve been getting invitations to speak on more prominent and exclusive stages right away.

Joining the Conscious Business Chamber as a Global Leader has wholly transformed my lead generation, grown my sphere of influence, and has made networking fun again.

The people I have met are all genuinely interested in providing value and partnering to lift up everyone’s business, not just pitching themselves. What’s more is they are just kind conscious business owners whose “why” generally includes something like ‘make the world a better place.’ 

Becoming a global leader in the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce is one of the soundest marketing decisions I have made in my entrepreneurial career. Only 30 days in the Global Leadership Membership at the CBCC has improved my visibility as an expert. Like, literally overnight. For real.

Membership in the Conscious Business Chamber Of Commerce has translated into dollars added to my bottom line and most importantly, TONS OF FUN!  Thank You, Sarah Anne!”


– Patrick Curran, SEO Expert and Co-Founder of Hatchtag, Inc.