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Protection from the Covert Narcissist in Business

It has been exactly one year since I experienced one of the most awful days of my life.  I had learned that the man I loved was betraying me (along with other women) in ways I could not imagine, and it was time to confront him.

Then the real nightmare began… but so did the process of much healing and much LEARNING.  And I am a much better person and a much better BUSINESS person thanks to this experience.

I am excited to begin sharing the teachings that will help to empower anyone who is heart-centered in business.


BECAUSE, if you are a heart-centered professional, you and your business may be a magnet for individuals who will drain your energy, and even try to ruin your reputation, if you are not aware of the warning signs and how to protect yourself.


The good news is:  Once you are aware of  your magnetizing energy and why you are a target, your soul can be healed and your business can be re-energized in magical ways!


If you are interested in this type of empowerment, or how you can create healthier boundaries in your business, I encourage you to subscribe to my youtube channel for upcoming content.



I invite you to check out the upcoming “Skills Not Pills Summit”, in which I will teach about Indicos and Indie Empaths – Who We Are and How We Heal”.

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