Seeking Talented Writers to Lead our Collective Blog!

The Conscious Business Chamber of San Diego will soon be launching our Collective Blog in order to showcase the amazing talent of our Members, and to make their tips and tricks more accessible and visible for all!

Our blog will contain all of the major service categories of our membership, and we are seeking Editors to lead our Writers Academy.  Editors will represent and curate content for each main service categories listed below.   This is a FREE opportunity for visibility, as our Editors will be regularly published on our blog and other promotional outlets at no cost in exchange for leading their respective service category.

Please share this post with anyone is a potential writer for our group. Thank you!

*Conscious Financial Services:      CPA, Home Loans, Financial Advisor/Planner, Investment Banking, Banks, Bookkeepers
*Conscious Legal Services:      Corporate Law, Family Law, Mediation

*Conscious HR Services
*Conscious IT Services
*Conscious Recruiters
*Conscious Payroll Services

*Conscious Creatives:  Musicians, Artists, Writers, Performers

*Conscious Marketing:      Video Marketing, Social Media, YouTube, Graphic Design, Email Campaigns, Photography, Videography, SEO Expertise

* Conscious Web Designers
*Conscious Web Developers
*Conscious Branding

*Conscious Event Services:      Promoters, Planners, Event Marketing, Staging, Supplies, Venues, Equipment, Catering
*Software for Conscious Professionals:      CRM, Webinar, Email Marketing

*Conscious Educational Services:      Tutors, Music Teachers, Schools

*Conscious Home Services:      House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Home Concierge, Personal Assistant, Home Organization, Feng Shui, Interior Design, Petcare, Childcare

*Conscious Insurance Brokers:     Life, Health, Liability, Commercial, Disability

*Conscious Self-Care:      Hair Salons, Spas

*Conscious Health Coaches 
*Conscious Fitness Services 
*Conscious Medical Services
*Conscious Holistic Practices

For anyone interested in leadership, please email me via, and indicate the service category from above that you are interested in representing.  A group call will be initiated for prospective leaders in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with announcements, and make sure to join our Meetup Group and our Facebook group to get engaged in our thriving community!

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