Seessions are 60 minutes, and are available everyday (including weekends), between 9am-7pm PST.


Upon purchase, please email sadordel@gmail.com or text 917-293-4725 to schedule your session!

These intuitive coaching sessions can address any aspect of your life and your awakening process.  You may request to focus on specific areas of support for your session, otherwise please know that needed areas of support will be identified during your time in session with me in partnership with your Guidance.

Below are some examples of the typical support requested from my clients:

  • Receive support & mentorship around all spiritual awakening, soul awakening, & conscious awakening experiences
  • Learn practical tips on how to decode dreams, receive and catalog intuitive messages, and communicate with Spirit & your Higher Self
  • Align with your soul purpose and mission to awaken your professional life and career
  • Activate your higher sensory perception gifts and enhance psychic skills
  • Be guided on all awakening symptoms such as lightbody and kundalini activation, chakra upgrades, paranormal experiences, & more!
  • Get empowered as an empath and learn techniques to optimize your physical energy, relationships, career & everyday life 
  • Release self-destructive habits, improve overall wellness, and learn to manifest with power
  • Feel supported and gain wisdom during the “dark night of the soul”
  • Create a clear channel with your Higher Self to receive on call guidance that relieves confusion, anxiety, and the feeling of being alone
  • Understand your personality, your life lessons, and the complex relationships in your life 
  • Re-ignite your passions and get clear on your truth and what you stand for
  • Explore self-healing gifts and learn techniquse for removal of emotional traumas & physical ailments
  • Identify your areas of spiritual expertise so that you may mentor others
  • Feel everyday your connection to your Soul, Divine Guidance, and the magic in the world around you

    Please note:  no refunds are allowed on flash sales.  Limited quantity of flash sale sessions are available, so please purchase early.  Feel free to reach out via email or text with any questions:  sadordel@gmail.com | 917.293.4725         

    Much love, Sarah Anne