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The Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce is Launching!

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Those who are close to me know that I am a tireless ambassador for good people doing good things.  As part of this calling, I have spent the last two years providing visibility for entrepreneurs and holistic professionals that I believe in through the The Conscious Business Network of San Diego, a rapidly growing community that is now at nearly 2000 members.  I was recently guided to continue this work but at a much higher level, so I have now commited to co-create upgrades for the Conscious Business Network and all who support it.

In response to this calling, I am excited to announce that I have just launched the San Diego chapter of our new national organization, the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce.

The Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce is intended to be a very unique chamber.   As an ambassador for good people and good organizations ALREADY doing good things,  I would also like to clearly express that my intention is not to launch yet another organization in San Diego.  Rather, the Conscious Business Chamber intends to be a centralized hub where all exemplary and existing philanthopic organizations, purposeful businesses and visionary entrepreneurs can easily be found.

To introduce our mission:

“We, Members of the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce, believe in passionate problem-solving, and our goal is to bring forward the greatest talent in San Diego to provide faster and better solutions for ALL conscious business entities in the city.  We are dedicated to creating enhanced visibility for the live events, virtual events, online products, and educational offerings of our Members and Partner Organizations, and we are committed to facilitating greater ease of access to all of the educational tools, resources, vendors and other service providers that support our professional community.  We are committed to sharing our own successes, and also identifying common struggles so that together we may find innovative ways to fill gaps in service so that all participating can thrive and help to expand and stabilize conscious business communities in our represented cities.”

The CBCC membership site will be launched by early September 2017, and is the Chamber is seeking membership from all individuals & businesses who aim to consciously affect human beings and the environment in a beneficial way.  Immediate benefits will include:

  • Enhanced visibility through the membership directory, with special pricing for those who join before September 30th
  • Easy access to other events that support Conscious Business throughout San Diego
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded professionals during live monthly networking events as well as during regular online events that will take place via our private Facebook group
  • Sharing of experiences and best practices, as well as a container to call out pain points that need to be addressed by the community through innovative solutions
  • Option to share expert tips and special offers in a resource section and in the collective blog of our membership site
  • Promotional support for live and online events, with options to access event marketing upgrades
  • Mentorship connections and education that is supported by the Chamber’s Thought Leaders and Editorial Team

The Conscious Business Chamber of San Diego is seeking thought leaders to represent each of the main service categories below:

*Conscious Financial Services:      CPA, Home Loans, Financial Advisor/Planner, Investment Banking, Banks, Bookkeepers
*Conscious Legal Services:      Corporate Law, Family Law, Mediation

*Conscious HR Services
*Conscious IT Services
*Conscious Recruiters
*Conscious Payroll Services

*Conscious Creatives:  Musicians, Artists, Writers, Performers

*Conscious Marketing:      Video Marketing, Social Media, YouTube, Graphic Design, Email Campaigns, Photography, Videography,  SEO Expertise

* Conscious Web Designers
*Conscious Web Developers
*Conscious Branding

*Conscious Event Services:      Promoters, Planners, Event Marketing, Staging, Supplies, Venues, Equipment, Catering
*Software for Conscious Professionals:      CRM, Webinar, Email Marketing

*Conscious Educational Services:      Tutors, Music Teachers, Schools

*Conscious Home Services:      House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Home Concierge, Personal Assistant, Home Organization, Feng Shui, Interior Design, Petcare, Childcare

*Conscious Insurance Brokers:     Life, Health, Liability, Commercial, Disability

*Conscious Self-Care:      Hair Salons, Spas

*Conscious Health Coaches 
*Conscious Fitness Services 
*Conscious Medical Services
*Conscious Holistic Practices

For anyone interested in leadership, please email me via, and indicate the service category from above that you are interested in representing.  A group call will be initiated for prospective leaders in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with announcements, and make sure to join our Meetup Group and our Facebook group to get engaged in our thriving community!

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