What Inspired Me to Become a Conscious Consultant?

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Sarah Anne Dordel is a small business consultant and “Big Dream Ambassador”. Her unique method combines highly effective intuitive branding with rapid and systematic business development strategies, making her a powerful resource for conscious small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. She brings over 17 years of management experience in start-up companies, transforming small businesses across many industries in New York City and San Francisco before finding her surfing nirvana in North County San Diego.

In 2014, Sarah Anne opened her own conscious consulting company after observing the harmful effects of hostile work environments, which prohibit the well-being of employees and limit the potential of long-term prosperity for the company. These insights ignited her passion to bolster entrepreneurial leaders who are truly ethical and kind in the workplace. During this experience, Sarah Anne was also awakened to her suppressed intuitive gifts, which has greatly enhanced the process she uses to turn her clients’ Big Dreams into a reality.

Sarah Anne’s genius is her ability to quickly identify the unique and untold talents of people, which allows her to execute a business makeover for her clients in less than 90 days through powerful branding and key messaging which attracts the perfect customers. Sarah Anne is also a gifted administrator who can implement the most efficient daily operations for a business and execute systems that reduce costs and stress for the owner. Sarah Anne also builds effective brand awareness through strategic events, conscious community, effective sales training, creative marketing, and smart hiring. She is happy to provide a complimentary 30 minute call for any conscious-minded business owner who would like to discuss how his/her business can be more profitable and visible. An overview of her services are listed below.

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